Sunday, December 6, 2009

Odd comment:

OK I was babbling on a few months ago about theater life back in the “good ol days”
scratch that

Just “The old days


I made mention of a person I went to school with named Paul Crandon. I am 100% positive Paul has not 1 iota of a clue who the hell I am. We did not hang together. Once we had a 6 sentence discussion about the album “Chicago 17” outside of the theater doors.

Regardless though, (I like that word, regardless)

I made mention of one of his on stage appearances. Nothing inflammatory as I have nothing bad to say about him.
I am just cursed with an eidetic memory and there is always more room out then there is in.* I was just throwing memories out against the wall to see what stuck.
Then all of the sudden
yesterday he makes a comment on the post.

My shit was significantly freaked.


I guess wondering how he got to that post.

Kinda cool really.

Hey Paul!

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