Monday, December 7, 2009

...and park in the driveway

Driveway: as in I parked my car in the driveway and not the living room. I had to stop and think about this word last night. Yes had to It was on the White Board. Where did that word come from? My Theory it is a bastardization of “Drive Away” as in “Well Clem, I’ma gonna pahk ma cah herea, so Aye can just drive away later.
Well everybody wanted to park at this convenient spot. Soon Clem was telling everyone to
“Go ahead and park there so you can drive away.”
And then down to “Don’t you be parkn in my drive away spot! I gots a goat shipment acoming.”
Then down to “Theres a new cah in the drive away.”
Finally “You boy be bleedin all over mise driveway!”

Or something like that.
I could be wrong.

By the way:
I am sorry if your name is Clem.

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