Saturday, November 28, 2009

Star Struck

Today I got to see a real live movie star.

Hey, even cool cats like me get star struck. I live in the midwest which is basically in the middle of nowhere.
My bud works on planes so he has seen Harrison Ford and Morgan Freeman among eithers.
I would like that.
I gotta admit I have a tendency to get very star struck.
dont know why really. Just ordinary people doing a job entertaining people. Actually not that big of deal in the great scheme of things. but I still think they are pretty cool.

The Beast, Wildcat and I were out Christmas shopping.
We were pulling into the parking lot of a shopping center There,Parking a burgundy Volvo stacked to the top in the back with boxes and packages, was Kristie Alley. OK WOW! We were just turning into the parking lot and I glanced over at this car and said "Hey That's Kirstie Alley!"
Wildcat said nu-uh

Beast said "who is Kristie Alley?"
so we circled the parking lot and parked right behind her like any good stalker would. She got out looking thinner and blonder then ever before.
I looked again and said hedged my bets with a "well maybe it isnt"

Beast said "who is Kristie Alley?"

My wife said "Nope thats her allright."

Then we killed and ate her.

It was all a jolly good time.

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  1. I wouldn't mind eating Harrison Ford. Kirstie Alley, while I love her as an actress, not so much as lunch! ;)


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