Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Weekend PTII

Ok the rest of the weekend wasn’t that spectacular
We finished the play… As I said, it was good.
I did find a couple of the songs a little forced or contrived.

Went back to Aunt Christmas house.
The Beast and I spent the rest of the night coloring together. We have this HUGE metal box full of sharpies and I buy these really BIG poster sized marker coloring pages from Wal-Mart. It is rather calm and relaxing. It keeps him mellow and focused and I like to listen to the TV while coloring.
Wildcat disappeared into the night with her Aunt to “go shopping.”
They always go shopping together, it’s like a disease. It’s always the same too.
“We have just 2 stores we are going to go check and then we will be back.”

Sure enough.
True to form 4 hours later, we get a call saying they have 1 more stop to make and then will be home.
Of course, all of this is well I guess you could say “under the umbrella” of my wife’s side of the family which means.
“WE are RELIGIOUS and as such WE will do nothing that might be construed as UNRELIGIOUS unless we can get away with it with no one seeing us.”
Yeah, seriously.

I married into a family that refuses to stand up and be whom they really are. They talk a good game but when it comes down to the wire, the nitty-gritty as it were. My side of the family believes that “There is nothing wrong with me and if you can’t handle that this is your problem and not mine.”
Her side believes that
“I am who I am as long as it suits my needs. Please! Don’t judge me.” Buncha hogwash and bullshit is what it is.

Gossiping and backbiting and looking down on people are all staples in which they grow.
I am not exaggerating a point here or pouring them into a mold I am just stating honest to goodness fact.

Anyway, I digress.

I went through all of that crap to get to
...I couldn’t go to a bar or anything. Not that I would have but it would have been a nice option.
So Saturday is shot to hell, but the Kids and I enjoyed some time together and that’s gold to me.
Sunday it was up and off to church. I fell asleep as usual. I really try not to but it never fails. I the hairy eyeball because I have pretty much stopped going over the past year. Why? No religious reason> I just figure I can either fall asleep in public or be comfortable in my own bed. Simple choice really.

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