Saturday, November 14, 2009

To all the drugs I have tried before

OK so it hasn’t been many.
I have partaken of the grape, the barley, and every alcohol in between. Enough so that I have realized certain alcohols have different effects on me.
For instance
Beer: makes me “relax” and contemplative. All the worlds’ wrongs can be solved over a six-pack. Beer’s a fun kinda drunk but gives you that bloated bag of water kind of feeling.
Wines: I am not quite sure where I sit with wine. I love the tipsy you get from it and the totally jacked up feeling is rather warm and yummy too. I would say wine makes me feel adventurous. Real Indiana Jones kinda stuff.
Whiskey: Makes me horny. Not the “I’m gonna fuck a tree” kinda horny but the “The chase is afoot and I have some pussy to conquer” kinda horny. It makes me feel seductive and predatorish. Does that make sense?
Vodka: I stay away from that shit. Vodka brings out the dark side and my dark side is blacker then midnight in a coal shaft. It brings out the parts of my personality that seem to be more primitive and downright scary. With Vodka, I feel and act “evil” and I fully embrace the feeling with every fiber of my sodden being.

Now as for other substances
I have partaken of the magical herb on many occasions and to be honest.
Not really my bag.
I remember the last time I smoked some and I ended up calling domino’s pizza for a medium cheese pizza and was calling them back for a second before the driver even made it back to the restaurant.
I don’t think it should be illegal because for one it grows naturally and if nature made it then it just shouldn’t be illegal. For a second reason, it’s better for you and have you ever seen two people get high and then get in a fight?
Yeah me either.

That’s about it for my debauchery into the chemical fields.
I have always been leery of LSD or acid. I have always taken the position of that I am scared of what kind of shit my mind is going to come up with. I think oddly enough as it is and if I try really hard I can almost see what I am thinking (like Jennifer Love Hewitt making advances on me in a skimpy negligee)
Sure, a cool hallucination might be fun but the risk just doesn’t seem to be worth it.
X might be fun but I wouldn’t want to take it and then be stuck in a room with a dozen sweaty guys. Now if for some reason I was stuck in a bomb shelter with the Swedish volleyball team then yeah! Gimme some of that and a dozen Viagra’s (and a case of redbull I hate that stuff but this is an emergency)

Coke might be OK to try but I have a hard enough time with insomnia, so it would have to be a special occasion like going to Vegas for the weekend and wanting to be awake the whole time.

The rest of the street crap really doesn’t hold much appeal.

I have some prescription drugs that I use in moderation. Painkillers and muscle relaxers. The right combination can cause a warm feeling of calm, serenity, and just really put together right.
However, that’s a slippery slope there.
I really need that stuff for real pain and if I start to abuse it, then I can get cut off from my doctor.
After that, the world ends for me.

Why am I thinking about drugs, alcohol and all that jazz.
Don’t know.
Just popped into my head on the way home from work
Thought I would get it out of my head.
More room out then there is in.

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