Wednesday, November 18, 2009

To finish up the weekend

To finish up here

Lollygagging about




Finally, on the road back to Kansas at around 4ish
Wife likes to drive, I do not.
Wife is possessive of the minivan, I don’t give a crap
Therefore, she drove

I say “let’s just get it done.
Let’s take the turnpike, pay the toll fees and get home.”
She says “yeah”
Then goes the back roads home.


Home at 7pm

I am cold, cramped and tired.

Son is cranky and tired, so is bouncing off the walls to keep himself awake.

Daughter is pissed she didn’t get her way. (she wanted us to drive another 30 minutes to drop her off at church so she could catch the last 15 minutes. It wasn’t a religious thing it was a “wanna see my friends” thing.)

Wife is tired and bitchy because everyone else is cranky

Everyone else is cranky cause mom is being bitchy

And God bless us one and all.
Its going to be a joyful Christmas!

Oh and I think I just broke my son's nose trying to get him and the dog off my leg.
Oh I am just chock full of self worth right now.

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