Friday, September 11, 2009

You just never know do you?

Suspects in Stillwater Throat Slashing Confess to Crime

Suspects Admit Shocking Details of Brutal Attack on Stillwater Teen

Aaron Gashwazra, 24, and Howard Gashwazra, 40 confessed to a crime that nearly killed 19-year-old Jason Wells.

Howard told police his son, Aaron, was looking for someone to take his anger out on when the two met Wells in a bar area known as "The Strip" in Stillwater.

STILLWATER, Oklahoma -- Investigators believe a father and son accused of slashing a teen's throat and leaving him for dead had planned the crime.

Jason Wells, 19, was found staggering out of a wooded area by a fisherman Thursday morning at Lake McCurtry northwest of Stillwater. Stillwater Police said the teen had been stabbed multiple times near a gravel campsite and his throat had been cut with a pocket knife.
According to a probable cause affidavit Wells met the suspects, Howard Gashwazra and his son Aaron Gashwazra, in the bar area known as "The Strip" in Stillwater.

Court documents stated Howard confessed to police he was scared of his son, and that his son was searching for someone on which to release his anger.

When the father and son arrived at Lake McMurtry with Wells, Howard said he heard Wells scream for help, but Aaron told him not to worry about it.
Aaron and Howard then stripped Wells of his pants and shoes to hide evidence.

Howard said his son then told him not to worry because the victim was "surely dead."

Howard told police he participated in the crime out of fear, and that his son has severe anger issues and was just released from prison.

According to the court affidavit, Aaron confessed to the crime.

Both men are being held on a $1 million bond in the Noble County jail.

Wells is listed in critical condition at OU Medical Center.
This is just insane.
I went to High School with the father in this.. this….
My god I cant even come up with an appropriate descriptive.
It’s a shock.
First, When I was in High School being Gay was not the in thing. It was whispered about and/ or used as a mockery of adolescents but it was never ok like it is today.
OK well maybe it’s still not ok today but it sure as hell is more accepted today then in my days of thunder.
Anyway, I knew Howard. He was a sweet guy. I was positive that he would graduate and become some other guys sweet butt monkey in New York or some other large city.
Today I find out that not only is he in jail with his son for attempted murder held on a million dollar bond but he is also a convicted rapist as well.
Holy Fucking Wow!
I know all the crap about you never really know someone and people change and blahblahblah and it’s not like I actually kept track of this guy.
Heck I had forgotten all about him until I friended him on FaceBook.
I guess it’s kinda like finding a mouse in your cabinet.
It’s not like you don’t know that mice exist and you have seen poop and gnawing so you know that there is a mouse in the house but it still shocks the hell outta you when you open the cabinet and see the little beady eyes staring back at you.

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