Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I gotta bone to pick here so bear with me.

Now I believe that praising or condemning a person’s quality by the color of their skin is equal to saying a car is excellent because of its color.
My car is white and rusted and is a POS but it is not a POS because it is white and rusted.
It is a POS because of what is inside.
Because of what runs the machine.
Same with people.

In my youth, I was discriminated against because of how I looked. Long hair, black clothes, etc. I was immediately labeled as “a thug” or “a waste.”
However all the clichés hold true.

You can’t judge a book by its cover.

I was always amazing people when they would get past the image and get to the person behind. They were always readily surprised that not only was I well read and well educated. I was also eloquent and witty to boot.

When I worked retail, a daily work break was always taken at 4. During which a number of us would congregate in the break room and watch Jeopardy. During one episode where I thoroughly ruled on the category of Shakespeare one of the store managers looked at me and said
“You don’t even look like you would know who Shakespeare is much less know that much about him.”

I always took that as a complement.
You can’t judge a book by its cover.

What this is leading up to is, I hate that the United States is bending over for all these groups who think the laws of the land need to be bent for their benefit.
2 in particular

One is those freakin Atheists who want the laws changed to remove God from everything.
I don’t care what your belief is.
If you don’t believe in God then fine, don’t. Why should it matter to you then if I do? The founding fathers that created and built this nation did and look where it got them. We are a nation that was built upon the belief in one main deity and even though we have sunk past the lowest common denominator in terms of depravity, he is still a crucial part of the makeup of our nations every step.
The majority of the people in the United States believe in one God so why are we sitting around letting a minority take this small token of affection to the lord away from us?
What are the Atheists going to do if they get their wish but then a larger voice comes along demanding that all praise be given unto the chocolate covered tiki god Tobybaboo?

What if there were protests and letters and legal arguments that the color green represents loyalty to Tobybaboo? Are the Atheists going to get that color stricken from the world?

Hey now that’s not a bad idea…
Starting a grass roots campaign that the color... I don’t know... Blue will now represent faith the lord God almighty. That, whenever you see blue, that is a little wink and nod to the creator.
If we can get this pulled off right then we can sit back and watch the atheists try to get the color blue stricken from all things.
Then, once they have railed and fought to have the color stricken from the classrooms and courthouses, we can stand up as one and point and laugh saying.
“Fooled you, you dumb fucks! It was the color green the whole time. Now sit down and shut up.”

Oh, what joy.

You think that sounds like a silly and stupid idea?
Yeah, maybe.
Maybe it is just the seed of a bigger idea.

OK. I didnt get to my main point I got off on a rant.
I will get to #2 later.

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