Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The sun came out today.

Gosh today was a good day!

Nothing good has happened
I just feel that “I’m ok you are ok” kinda groove.

I think a lot of it has to do with
1. This morning I put on a new pain patch. The fresh influx of this strong pain medication almost always makes me feel all kinds of groovy. Even after 2 years at the same dose. The bad thing about this is when I start coming down from it (I.e. it starts to wear off; they are only good for 3 days each.) I start to feel the effects, big time. Fatigued, grouchy (not excessively but a bit), Hot and cold flashes (this is usually when I try to stretch the patch past the 3 day mark), gloomy and a certain sense on awnwi? No that’s not it… onwi? Nope. Ok fuck it.
Bored with life in general in French

Number 2 reason I feel pretty good today is yesterday I was in the crapper. I had to call in to work for the day but I did not have a choice. I was dead on my feet (ironic being that my name is Zombee) and I could not leave the bathroom with any sense of satisfaction (just what you wanted to know, huh?). I ended up sleeping for about 16 hours straight.
16 hours sleeping.
That was after 2 Vivarin and a multi-vitamin and I still couldn’t remain awake.
I fully recommend doing this on an occasional basis but I hate it when it interferes with real life.
I wouldn’t have slept for all that time if my body hadn’t felt the need for it. I guess your body will tell you what it wants and what it needs.

Well that’s about all I have.
OH! In addition, the Beast turned the big 11 on the 18th. I had 4 lil boys running around for a sleepover party. One of the little bast...miscreants had the audacity to tell my son, to his face, that “He sucked and his party sucked.”
Out of the blue! He wasn’t provoked or picked on. In fact, everyone else was complaining about him picking on them.
The bugger
If it had not been for my son’s forgiveness, the boy would have been walking home with a sign around his neck saying “I am a twat.”
Anyway, Beasty let it slide and the boy ended up staying the night as well. When I got up Saturday morning, my son was asleep in his bed in his room and everyone else was conked out in the basement family room.
I found out later that he was the last to crash at around 4:30am.
Here I am fighting to sleep and the Beast can stay up all night long without issue.

Youth is wasted on the young.

OH! also check out my new profile pick!

All kinds of AWESOME isnt it?!!

I was allowed to use this pic by a wonderful artist by the name of Timo Grubing
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