Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mad as a Hatter

I figured it out
I pondered it through FINALLY
For almost 25 years now
for at least 5 out of the 7 days if not twice or more every day for weeks on end.
I have prayed, begged, bartered, pleaded
for 1 thing.
Independent wealth
I know, I know “How shallow. How Selfish.”
Yeah well bite me.
Money cant buy you happiness but it will lead you toward it.
If you think that a large influx of wealth into your life will not bring you joy, then you are not shopping in the right places.
Its not about the material things.
NEVER the material things.
I have never given a rats ass about keeping up with the Jones's.
Sod the buggers.
Money will, however, buy you time.
Time is more precious and fleeting then anything else and it can be purchased with money.
How fucking backward is it?
With money you no longer have to waste time
planning to preplan the planned budget for a ½ assed vacation
If the money is just sitting there. Waiting for you to use it, all that shit goes away.
Look at that! You just freed up your entire dayplanner.
In fact you can now buy 2 day planners just so you can ignore them both.
Anyway I digress (shocking surprise huh?)

I have prayed for the Lord's help in this department for over 2 decades and it just gets worse.
Today I had a ephiney,
fuckit … A revelation.

I work to stay sane.
If I did not have to go to work each day I would not have to put on this humanistic shell each day.
I would be able to give up all pretense of normality and just go barking fucking mad.
But since I have responsibilities to my family
I promised to take care of them forever
Not in so many words but in duty.
I am a daddy and thats what daddy's do. Daddy's take care of the family
The Lord read my prayers, looked down and with great wisdom and for thought
“Oh Hell No!”
However, if for some reason this changes and he finally says
“OK to shut you up, here, show me what you got.”
You will know.
I will be the loon in the tree with a bandoleer of coffee carafes dressed like Captain Stubing from the love boat and screaming a listing of the local Chinese takeout menu at the top of my lungs like it was freakin Shakespere.

Or not

just sayin.

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