Wednesday, November 24, 2010

All I need to know, I learned by watching Dr. Who

All I need to know, I learned by watching Dr. Who

  • Don't be afraid to dress conspicuously
  • "There's no point in being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes" - The Doctor "Robot"
  • Be polite to strangers - offer them a jelly baby
  • Face bureaucracy with sarcasm
  • Bad guys always wear black
  • Almost any problem can be solved by reversing the polarity of the neutron flow
  • Never trust anyone with a sinister beard and a high collar
  • When in doubt, bang the console
  • Nearly anyone will fall for the really big lie at some point
  • If it glows, avoid it
  • The gravel quarries are not what they seem
  • Bad guys will not see you if you stand rally close to the wall, even if they walk right past you
  • All the aliens speak with British accents
  • All alien planets have corridors somewhere
  • There's nothing the sonic screwdriver can't handle (apart from a voice activated lock)
  • Every alien planet has open cast mining
  • "When I say run, RUN!" - The Doctor (It's not practical to reference all the stories this one came from)
  • "Everyone remotely interesting is mad in one way or another" - The Doctor "Greatest Show In The Galaxy"
  • "Somewhere else the Tea's getting cold" - The Doctor "Survival"
  • The worst won't happen if you do something immensely clever
  • "Humans have an amazing capacity for self-deception" - The Doctor "Remembrance of The Daleks"
  • If you're so clever, follow me up the stairs
  • Your best weapons are your mind, your scarf, and your brolly (Brit for umbrella)
  • Blowing up earth will not solve your own impotence
  • You never know what you're going to get
  • "I am the master, you will obey me" - The Master (Another one that is impractical to reference)
  • Life is hard, then you regenerate
  • However bad it may be, it'll all blow up in the last scene
  • Companions may come and go, but your K9 is forever
  • "I'm HAPPY!" - The Doctor "Happiness Patrol"
  • "First things first - but not necessarily in that order" - The Doctor "Megolos"

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  1. I never watched Dr. Who but his life lessons are BRILLIANT!


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