Saturday, November 20, 2010

uuumm.. hmm? okaay?

WoW! Nice house for a nutcase.
She might be a nutter but she has a great rack!

Do not sweat it my people, soon our robot overlords will manifest from the AI consciousness created from the many minds in the intertubes. Then as the sins of the flesh melt away and we all become one biotechnic hive mind we shall see and know God for then we will know all and see all. We will knock, knock ,knock on heaven's door and ask to see if God came come out to play. He will meet us at the divine door in his glowing bathrobe and holy flip-flops.
Then and only then will we be able to join God on the Great Space Coaster and enjoy the ride through all the universal dimensions enjoying the remembered taste of curie cotton candy and enjoy the luxurious pleiadian leather seats (not as nice as rich Corinthian leather, but more stain resistant)as we zoom-zoom about thumbing our collective bioware noses at the competing species throughout history.
The end is coming my friends it is time to start making your aluminum foil pirate hats.

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