Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Dead Are Walkin


   If you have not caught THE WALKING DEAD yet you are denying yourself a treat. It is raw and virtually uncensored.
   The zombies are great (ooh they have all varieties too!) The actors are believable, the characters are... OK well they could be a tad bit better. They do seem to be rushing to the gore and bypassing character develop but that's OK for now.
   I don’t want them to get all mired in the mucky-muck like Smallville is. Smallville had an opportunity to be a bigger better version of Lois and Clark but decided to go all Dawson's Creek instead. I wanted more SUPER and less MAN.
    The walking dead has the highest grossing numbers of any show ever to premiere on AMC which is awesome. They are just 2 episodes in and have already been renewed for next year which is awesome. Basically if FIREFLY had had these numbers it would still be on the air today. I know this wont last as there is only so far you can take an apocalyptic movie with monsters (human and not) so I am bathing in the beauty as long as possible,Whats also cool is the main character is played by a British actor doing a dang good American accent. I don’t know if you have heard him talk off screen but he has one of those British accents that would best be attributed to Londoner high society. Yet he is kickin as a rural sheriff. Bravo sir Bravo.
   I would really like it if they start drawing out the tension and suspense. For instance (SPOILER ALERT) when they were covered in the guck and walking to the van. I did not feel any suspense or tension and I really wanted to.
   One of the “selling points” of the show is so far most is in broad daylight which is cool in it's own way. I guess I would have enjoyed that scene more if it had been darker and did not have the foreshadowing clouds.
   I have read the graphic novels that this is based on and they are intense and very well done. The kind that you read and then lay there and ponder what if as you dose off to sleep
   I usually DVR the show Sunday night and then watch it Monday Why? Well for one because I have to watch it by myself. I am alone in this household in my adoration for the zombie genre. The closest I could come would be the princess. She does like a good gore-fest but has to be in the mood and , of course, has to have her friends with her. Daddy doesn’t count anymore (boohoo). Also I do it so I have less time to wait before the next showing.
                                   To recap
                      Walking Dead = awesome show
If you don’t watch it you are depriving yourself of some of the best eye pie on TV

and everyone loves pie.

                                 Oh BTW if you google the walking dead watch your the google font.

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  1. I haven't watched but have the episodes on DVR. I hope to be able to finally see them this weekend. The trailers and clips I've seen do look amazing!


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