Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 - Here we go again

Ahh the bittersweet end of the holiday season…
Back to the grind.

I am one of those “perfect employees” meaning that I come back from a vacation rested and ready to rock. It gets harder and harder to get your groove back on after 2 weeks on exquisite mind-numbing nothingness but I will manage.

Few notes for over the vacation break:
1. The wife did well this Christmas. I would say a straight up B+/A- on her gift giving abilities. Still did not receive a single thing I actually asked for or hinted at but she made an actual attempt. I know if I could get her more unafraid of the internet, it would be easier.
However, while Santa brought her a new purple Hoover vacuum (don’t look at me like that SHE asked for it!), I was apparently bad enough that Santa didn’t even bring me a lump of coal.
I know, I know. I suck.
One of my Christmas presents from her was to finally go out and for me to get new glasses, which I have been needing for a couple of years but kept putting off for more important stuff for the family.
We ended up at Eye Masters or somewhere like that, basically the IHOP of EyeWear. I found a pair of new glasses and sunglasses for $200. Not exactly what I was looking for but fuckit, they will do. They look ok and I am more interested in functionality.
Wildcat needed some glasses too but hers would have been about $300 there at Eyes-R-Us so she decided to go back to the Eye docs and go through him.
2 hours later, I was seeing fine and dandy for the first time in forever.
$600.00 later we are still waiting on her specs to come in.

2. I can’t believe it! Just a few days before Christmas my friend at work was canned and on a Friday no less! Everyone knows that you don’t fire people at the end of the week! It’s too hard on their psyche. They have to spend the weekend fretting and fuming over the whole thing. You can a person on a Monday morning so they can go out and be productive and actively seeking new employment. Then there is the whole right before Christmas thing. That just blows!
“MERRY CHRISTMAS Everyone!! Oh Joy of Joy’s we will be giving out bonuses tomorrow and Christmas is just next week! Oh, except for you. You can suckit annnd by the way as well, Fuck You, you are fired. Now get out.”
Bah-Freakin-Humbug, man.
That just aint right.

3. I don’t remember mentioning this before but my daughter, Princess H&M, will be performing at the next Cotton Bowl in Texas. I am proud of her, yes very much so, thank you. Now I just have to figure out how to pay for it and when the freaking Cotton Bowl is next year (and where and just about every other bit of information needed, I am missing it.)

4. SEX! Yeah….um No. I “think” Novemberish. I forget. Actually I am to a point now where I am not missing it anymore. Took most of 2009 to get the whole carnivore side of my sex drive shut back off again, but now I think I may have twisted the dial too tight. I will have to look into this some more.

That’s truly about all I got for right now. Not much deeper than a birdbath, really.
Ah well I have all of 2010 to improve upon.


  1. 2010 HAS to be an improvement from the last few years. Damn! Those glasses were expensive!

  2. I think the phrase I used was "DAMN! Do they let you see through walls?"

  3. It will be great to watch Cotton Bowl, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.


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