Monday, January 11, 2010

Trash Talking Mondays

The trash took me out tonight.

I told the Beast to take the trash out but he couldn’t cause “it was frozen down.”
That one was a good one. I gotta give him his props for it. I don’t appreciate or condone being lied to but I will acknowledge good work.


Grabbed the trashcan and started to roll it down the drive
Hit the ice
pin wheeled arms and legs like a madman
I’m sure it looked like I had the devil in me, spastic twisting and turning
Arms flaying about “like a lil bird trying to fly” (his comment)
caught my balance
lost it
yet never quite "fell".
Just kept getting lower and lower to the ground.
Wrenched my left knee
twisted my ankle (smacked the outside ankle on the pavement)
ended up in a position looking not too much unlike Spiderman trying to discreetly crap inside the trashcan lid.

Ah Monday’s!
Just when you think you have escaped unscathed, they pounce.

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