Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Normal day as usual or so I thought!

I am heading down the highway, trying to get home from work, when up ahead is a 17 and a ½ car pile up (the ½ being a Prius). I slammed on the breaks and skidded to a stop which was a feat in itself as the road was coated in blood.
Even in the winter blood eventually cools and black ice becomes blood ice.
The situation does seem dire as there are 2 ambulances and a fire truck involved in the pile-up.
Some of these people must be dazed as they are walking around aimlessly.
I’m no hero and I am of no use here. I just want to get home.
I see an opening and start to ease my car up onto the shoulder and past this mess when I see a cop.
He seems to be standing in the middle of the road aimlessly directing traffic.
Even where there is none?
What the hell?
I sit there just idling for a bit as I watch this guy, trying to figure out what he’s doing.
Suddenly there is a loud crash as this chick busts her head through the passenger side door.
Scared the crap outta me!
I try to keep out of her reach but she is squirming her way in, clawing at me!
Panicking I jump from the car and scramble away.
Oh good the cop has noticed me! We start walking toward each other as I try to explain what has happened and..
The dude is running at me?
Oh hell that aint right!
I turn to run from him and there’s 2 firemen and a suit, all bloody and shit breathing down my neck.
Twisting away I go the only direction I can, UP!!
I scramble on top of the fire truck and think “now what?!”

I survived though and I have the bruises and weapons to prove it.
Wearing jeans and a white (well used to be white) collared button up shirt.
Fireman’s coat and boots hanging off me. Hey the guy was big.
Cops hat on the back of my head.
White gauze as a bandanna (I don’t know first aid and I really clocked my head)
Medical stuff in a backpack with a shotgun sticking out the top.
Hand gun strapped to my right side waist,dripping fire extinguisher from the other
Then a coil of fire hose over the shoulder with a bloody mess dripping from the end in the shape of the hose head.
Carrying a 2-headed shovel, a shovel blade on each end with a big patch of duct tape in the middle.
I look like hell already and I still aint made it home.

What the Hell is this?
I dont have the luxury that Dumbledore had in pulling memories or thoughts from my head and sticking them in a jar. So here I will occasionally drop my brain load to make room for more. Usually there will be little to no editing or formatting. I just gotta get it out and down before it disappears.

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