Wednesday, July 27, 2011

damn dummies

Singer Amy Winehouse, 27, reported dead of overdose
Posted: 22 Jul 2011 09:06 PM PDT on Boing-Boing

British singer Amy Winehouse was found dead today at age 27, of an apparent drug overdose. Reuters:
Police said they had found the body of a 27-year-old woman at a flat in Camden Square, north London, after being called by ambulance services around 1500 GMT (11 a.m. EDT).
She was a talented artist with a disease, and a long line of enablers who depended on her. As an aside, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Brian Jones, and Janis Joplin died at the same age and in a similar manner.

Maybe, just maybe this has always been one soul that has been destined or damned to die the same way every 27 years. Just one perpetual living source that has the unique calling to be a musical virtuoso only to burn out quickly.
The music muse burns so brightly in their bodies that they are used up and discarded. Elvis lasted as long as he did due to his twin up as a sacrifice and Michael Jackson had to be killed to release the muse back into the ether. He was holding the muse at bay by regular offerings of a child’s innocence and chimpanzee tears.
Each of these young musicians have faked their own deaths with the combined help of the CIA, MI5 and a secret illuminati group to become some sort of super spy lead by the original Paul McCartney. What better way to hide then to hide behind a face that everyone knows has died.
Damn dummies squander their talent and their bales of cash on drugs and booze.

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