Monday, July 11, 2011

Pox Humana

Bah... 110 degrees outside and an entire weekend full of my son reminiscing about his bygone days and 48 straight hours of "go-go Power Rangers".

It hurt my heart when I asked my son whatever happened to the Power Rangers anyway..
He tells me that he stopped watching them because all his friends were making fun of him for liking them.
Damn kids.
A pox upon their houses.
Forsooth and hell yeah.
Just because a person likes something and you don't does not mean they should be openly ridiculed. Unless it is porn
Oh and religion....
and politics

We suck!
We humans start entire wars over "I like this and you don't" matters don't we?
So how can we expect more and/or better from our kids?

Except those that come into contact with my kids,
from them I expect absolute perfection in all aspects
 or a really poxified house.

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