Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just thinking

What the hell was wrong with Darren Stevens?
You know the husband of Samantha on Bewitched.
Here was this hot witch who, with but a wiggle of her nose, could do anything.
What does he do?
Yells at her to not do it?
“Oh please mighty wife please do not gift me with my every desire out of love and concern for my well-being.”
Dude had issues!
Maybe he was a cousin of Major Nelson?
Here you have a gorgeous genie who will bend the very fabric of reality to your every whim.
The one and only true goal in her life is to please her master.
Poor basterd.
Hell, just try and get a chick to call you master now days.
I would never have to put on the monkey suit again.
Whether it be genie or witch I would exploit that to it’s highest ability.
Days of adventure, nights of debauchery.

Oh the joy.

“ Yeah Genie, tonight make a duplicate of yourself and lets grab Carmen Electra and Angie Jolie as well for the hot tub jello shot party. Oh and this time lets try it in the year 3050, the Jurassic period was ok but just too many bugs.”

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