Monday, October 19, 2009

aaaannnnddd ... we are off.

At my work, they are in need of a Director over the Distribution Center.
I have around 16 years working in all aspects of a warehouse.

I promised myself I would never ever go back into a management position after my bad experiences in retail.
I used to work for a retail store and as the manager; I had to cut everyone’s hours as the store steadily declined.
That means I was giving people 4 hours a week.

4 hours a week for a person trying to feed their family.

4 hours a week for a person trying to pay bills.

My guys new it wasn’t my fault and I didn’t begrudge them as my quality talent walked out the door.
Nevertheless, it bothered me.
I even got into a yelling match with the store manager and I straight up informed him that I would do it because it was my job but I could not and would not support him in it.
So here, I am again looking to get back into a management position.
Do I think I will get this position? Nope?

I am too rough around the edges.
I am smart, creative and a hell of a good manager but I don’t think I am Director material.

Then why apply?
Be because it is a unique position. I have all the qualifications they are looking for and it is a company I enjoy working for. I mulled it over in my head for most of last week before I decided to throw my hat into the ring.
So today, I had my first interview for this Director position.
I think it actually went rather well.
We will see where this goes.

Doesn’t hurt anything to try.

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