Friday, October 2, 2009

and the beat goes on

OK here we go with the online battle.

I mean, discussion.


THE reply

You chose this public forum so I shall respond in such.
First off you have over stepped your place. You have no right to admonish my child in any capacity much less one where you call into question her strength and courage. This? This is just a insipid, titillating waste of time. PHM took the test out of boredom and maybe a chance to rattle the bars of the old folk. She has many,many more years left and if this is the worst thing that can happen then I will take it 10 fold over. I am raising my children to be their own person. ... PHM's actions on the web are monitored and sure sometimes a ill-conceived decision will pop up. I allow her to make these choices just so she can experience the consequences of her actions. Good or bad. I refuse to allow my child to grow up unarmed against this wretched world. They must be allowed to know what is in this world to be able to defend themselves against it. I continually remind PHM and Beast that the opinions of others mean nothing. Be you. Be proud of you. Be true to who you are and the Lord will give you the strength you need to stand against anything. So yeah, I feel a little attacked here in the way I am raising my children. This? This is nothing. Boiled down and summarized: The next 7 years are going to be the hardest for PHM as a person and as a Christian and this is the thought I want her to keep in her head. It does not matter how the world views you or what the world thinks of you. The world will judge you no matter what you do. What matters is what you think of you.

OK not bad, not bad.
Kinda wordy to just end up saying "mind your own business"
but not bad.

Well crap!
The one that I did not take umbrage to is the 1st to respond.

Wow, interesting. I hope that other Christians will hold my children accountable someday.
In fact, I hope that Christians will hold ME accountable. I know that I make plenty of mistakes and part of the benefit of having a Christian family is knowing that you are loved and because of that love, will be corrected. PHM is better than that silly quiz...and she knows that.

No. I dont believe that it takes a village to raise a child.
I believe it take parents to raise a child.

Then my girl weighs in with her 2 cents

honestly I take these quizzes cuz Im bored and I usually cant go to a friends after 9 so.....
its not cuz im a weak Christian or anything like that EVERYONE makes mistakes and we all get the consequences of them but thats how we learn!! Im 13 and Ive been taught this since I could talk or anything before who cares what ppl say or think it doesnt matter!!!! ok I get you guys are watching out or me ok but let ME make my OWN mistakes and learn from them I dont want ppl telling me what Im doing wrong so I can change it cuz again Im 13 and I probably wont listen but I want to learn on my own I know I have a lot to learn and expierience like you guys did so let me!!!! and again these tests dont test my christianity it mite look like it but they dont Im a very strong christian(thank u very much BOBB) I know what ones to post which ones not to and ones that I think would be funny to see reactions 2 this one is BOREDOM!!!!

hmm maybe I am getting through that thick skull of hers.

Just need to teach her to spell? Im mean, comeon "CUZ" and "MITE"?
Damn texting is going to be the death of us all.

Ok ,then well my retort to the milf

I hold my job as parent to my child above all else and while your comment was innocuous the initial comment stepped on a toe. The love that the comments are made in is not lost in the mix and is appreciated and reciprocated. Advice, concerns, remarks and teachings are welcome as the more information that a child has at their disposal the better decisions they can make. However, if my child is to be corrected then that is a decision I will make. I would never presume to spank someone else’s child for an indiscretion and BOBB’s comment was a verbal swat in a public forum. It’s not a point of being held accountable. It is a point of addressing an issue that, as a parent, is my job and no one else’s. And with that I remove this discussion from a public forum.

I dont think I was offensive,
I dont think it sounds like I was angry or upset.

I think this sounds like a very rational narrative of my thoughts and philosophies.
I think I sound very erudite (wow. never got to use that in a sentence before. Yay me!) and I explain my position quite well.

I shouldn't need to defend my position as a parent but I do feel warranted in
letting someone know that,
"I got this covered."

And that is where it has stopped... for now

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