Thursday, October 1, 2009

Me Mad

My girl child took one of those insipid tests on FaceBook that happened to be about having a perverted mind or something like that. She is 13 These are the comments that were left

PHM just took REAL Dirty Mind Test and got 7 out of 8 correct for a score of 88%. 305,096 people have taken it so far. You scored 88%. Your mind is VERY dirty. Hard to stay on task isn't it? I bet you snicker each time you see someone eating a banana.

Big Ol Busy Body

Seriously, PHM!? What are you thinking when you even take these kind of tests? Remember your roots and why you decided to become a Christian. I know there are many temptations in the world - D, K, A, J, and C face them every day to and don't always make the right choices. You have the strength and the courage to be the different face out there! Not to mention the greatest back up there is has your back! Romans 12:2; John 15: 18-27

PHM, sweetheart, you are better than this. )-:

OK this pissed me off and I cant do a thing about it! My first instinct is to read these 2 women the riot act. (Well, BOBB more so then MILF) Why did she take the test? Let me reiterate
She is 13.

She was either bored or she wanted to rattle the cage bars a bit.

Or both.

These women have no right whatsoever to condone or commend my child’s actions and how dare she call into question my child’s strength and courage.
And in a public forum no less!

PHM’s actions on the web are monitored and sure sometimes a wrong or ill-conceived decision will pop up. Sometimes I will allow her to make bad choices just so she can feel the consequences of her actions.

I refuse to allow my child to grow up unarmed against this wretched world.
I continually remind PHM and Beast that the opinions of others mean nothing. Be you. Be proud of you. Be true to you. So yeah, I feel a little attacked here in the way I am raising my children and my hands are tied as these 2 women are part of the church we go to.

Being that, I am usually verboten from causing any kind of stink, opinion or ruckus.

Because my wife believes in “smooth and steady”.

No waves.
Don’t ruffle the feathers.

OH! But she can give them a look.

A. Look.
I don’t believe in giving a look to someone when I can give them my opinion. **GRR**
I don’t know.

Maybe I am just overreacting?
Being protective of my being protective.

UPDATE: I had been given the go ahead to vent my feelings to this busy-body by Wildcat.
Did not expect that.
well I did not take into account her dislike of this person
she was all gung-ho for me to shred her.
Then I mentioned that MILF had commented too.
she backed down a bit and said " let me see what was said and go from there."
So we shall see.

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  1. You're not overreacting. Why random people think they need to parent others children is beyond me. You and your wife are being responsible and yeah, kids need to know the world isn't filled with puppies and unicorns. I'd have a HUGE problem with anyone quoting scripture to me or my kids and giving there 2 cents where it isn't needed.

    Give 'em hell, zombee!


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