Monday, December 14, 2015

Do it again

You know, there is the old cliché of the ancient old man lying on his bed.
He has the covers pulled up to his chin and a pained expression on his face

“Oh why!?” he laments
“If only I had it to do over again! I would give my very soul to have my life to do over again! I would do everything so differently!”

Not me though
While I made so many mistakes. Maybe I am not a complete failure but it is so close I can smell its fetid breath (smells like pastrami)
Nope I would not give my soul to do it over again
I don’t need to be there to witness my senior year of high school
Or the time I played the troll in the 3 Billy goats gruff in the 1st grade
I don’t need to be there for my first kiss or to see Star Wars for the first time.
But I would give my very soul to do my kids life over again.

But to see my kids first step? Yeah in heartbeat.
To be able to read to them a bedtime story again or tickle them into submission?
Dressing up for Halloween or picking out the right valentine for a school mate (Should we get Hello Kitty or Kim Possible?)
Big hugs and little kisses, scared cries and silly giggles, messy shirts and holding little hands
Oh hell yeah.

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