Friday, December 18, 2015

Blood sucking vermin

I give up in trying to understand you people.

8ish years ago everyone was running around thinking about “CHANGE” and Barack Obama was elected into the White House not because he was the best candidate but because of his color.
It was novel, it was new and it was history making to think that a man of color could be elected to the highest office in the land.
I get it.
I thought it was cool too.
But then his administration began and people flipped out
“He’s horrible!” and “He is a socialist” and “He isn’t even American!” and “He isn’t even Christian!” was proclaimed throughout the land.
However, rather than oh, I don’t know, kick him out of office via the impeachment process,
What did the American populous do?

Now contrary to what you might think this is not a post about bashing Obama.
My personal view is all politicians are vile and all politicians are liars.
Some get caught like Nixon and Clinton and some don’t like Bush and Reagan.
An honest man in the White House would not last a year. It’s just the system we built.
We vote for the person who sucks the least.
It’s like trying to pick which sword to be impaled with because no matter what you are still getting stabbed.

This is a post bashing the American people.
Right now Donald Trump is in the lead as the Republican candidate.
This dude has already shown that he is a lout, a cretin, a privileged oaf who has no business being in any position of power.
If he were a Walmart Manager no one would want to work for him and he has a chance of becoming president?

I am pretty sure that Hillary is going to make it into office this time because it would be novel and new and history making again.
I am just scared that Trump will get elected because it would be novel too.

I have never considered abandoning my country before until I heard he was the republican front runner.

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