Monday, December 7, 2015

Age is just a number

I’ve been silent on here more and more. I don’t think I have lost my muse though, it’s just my brain is not working the way it should. You know how in your computer you have 2 kinds of memory? You have RAM and ROM.
ROM is for your programs. It is your hard drive that holds everything you save. It keeps the machine running.
RAM memory is the things you do when you use it. It is continually changing and updating to what you are currently using and erases everything when you power off.

Well in my brain computer it seems like everything is RAM. I can’t seem to make a memory.
My recall has gone from having an eidetic memory, to the point where I could walk into a memory and see everything in it. I have full recall of everything I ever watched. It was easy to recall this actor was in this movie with this person.
Now it is a struggle. I can’t even recall a movie I watched a couple months ago.

I think it was the ADD medicine I was on a couple of years ago. Scrambled my synapses.
Maybe it is onset Alzheimer’s even? There are times I seem to be able to get confused and I not know where I am on a drive I have made every day for the past 30 years.
I thinks its the continual stress from money woes that just wont go away.
Maybe I am just getting old.
Probably all 3.   um...4

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