Saturday, August 3, 2013

I mean, it’s only a memory

I have a pool. A indoor pool.
Ok not so much a pool as a puddle.
OK Basically my basement flooded.
Lots of rain and the electricity went out meaning the sump pump stopped pumping and …squishyness ensued.

Its. A. Mess.

Man it is a really sad thing to dispose of a flooded basement.
If you have never done it before I certainly do not recommend it.
You see, in your home the upper level is the living level.
Everything there is either currently essential, part of your core being or in flux. Influx meaning it is transitioning currently through your life to either be used or disposed of.

But the basement.
The basement it where you send your memories to store.
That’s where everything that you hold as too important to get rid of but not really needed right now for day to day use.
That’s where your memory debris is kept.

The toys from when the kids were little, the girls Barbie dolls, the boys teddy bear, the school papers from kindergarten, the school projects from years gone by, the little note from your 5 year old that says “I love you” that got shifted down there in a mass cleaning drive that you cherished but then forgot about as the years piled on top of it.

This is the stuff that you didn’t realize just how important it was to you until you had to throw it into a trashbag as sodden wet destroyed mess.
The stuff that you had forgotten about but end up going “Awwww” or “Danngg it” as soon as you see it again. You throw it away and quickly forget about it.

I mean, it’s only a memory.

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