Saturday, August 17, 2013


There are just a few things I just cannot tolerate.
I am a laid back groovy kinda guy.
Most things just slide off me like water off a duck.

There are some though that sticks in my craw.

I cannot tolerate forced stupidity.
If you are ignorant, that’s fine. Ignorance just means you have not been taught.
I can deal with that.
If you are borderline autistic. That’s fine; you do not have the processing abilities that the average person is capable of.
I pity you and I can deal with that too.

It’s those people who are too lazy to actually think for themselves.
GrRrRr a pox upon their house!
The “please think for me” people.
They raise my blood pressure to astronomical heights.

In my line of work I have ran into quite a large number of them too
For instance:
  • “Do you want me to turn it on? – Nope. Computers no longer use electricity. They run off of fairy tears and unicorn dreams.
  • “Well the power is out to ½ the store. Do you think that could be the issue?” – Nope. I think that your computer actually runs on LUCK and yours just ran out.
  • “A customer spilled their drink on it yesterday and it smoked some but seemed ok.” – Really!? A smoking terminal wasn’t a clue to you? Were you waiting for a big blue paw print to appear?
  • “My network is down but I can’t get to the internet either.” –That’s strange because everyone should have their own personal copy of the internet to use.
  • “do you want me to get in front of it” – No I want you to use the force to turn it back on.*1

Then it’s my fault if I sound just a little testy on the phone.
Stop being an idiot and I’ll stop being a dick.

*1- A side note: If you are calling anyone about something wrong with anything be sure to be able to physically touch that thing by the time they say hello. Being across the room from whatever it is, well it’s just a waste of your and my time.

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