Friday, June 7, 2013


Hey if anyone in Florida happens to know the 84 year old lady that won the Powerball please extend to her my well wishes for her and her family.
I am curious if she has grandchildren and if they are aware of how much they will not have to work now.
Seriously, what does someone do with that amount of money?
Oh I know that most people have grand ideas as to what they would do but I have actually crunched the numbers on this.
For instance:
If she took just 115Million dollars of the 360 million she now has and sticks that in a normal savings account she will be making about 5.5million dollars a year on interest alone.
This means she could have weekly living expenses of $25,000 a week and still never even touch the original amount.
She could spend more money in 3 weeks then I will even make in a year and it wouldn’t even make a smudge mark in her net worth.

Let me address her for a second here:

Ma’am, if you are out there and you can hear me let me first, just say congratulations.
I have heard that money can be a burden and I know the lack of money can be as well. I do hope you will be wise with your money and invest it well for your descendants. I hope no one takes advantage of you in this.
I hope you make a provision for your descendant’s so they can learn how bad it can be before they enjoy how good it can get.
All I want from this life is to provide for my family. I want to keep my house out of the banks hands, food in my children’s stomachs and clothes on their backs. I would like to be able to send them to college so they can have a life better than mine but I truly don’t see that happening. So to see you have all these woes that burden my life lifted from you in such a spectacular faction…wow!
Just, WoW!
I envy you and I wish you all the best.
PS: if you want to drop a random act of kindness you could always send me oh say $500,000 in a cashiers check and I would be happy to reply with a couple of hand written letters from my kids expressly thanking you for ensuring their futures.

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