Friday, June 14, 2013



  1.  I had an above average IQ (145). I am too lazy to actually use it to any benefit. I lost it to Concerta.
  2.  I have been married since 1991 (which is just plain weird now days)
  3. I was ambivalent about having children until I held my daughter for the first time now I love my children more then life itself.
  4. I have been called dork, weird, odd and crazy most of my life (and relish it) but I am NOT a geek. Ok.. I’m a geek as well.
  5. I have lost over 65% of my dexterity due to an injury and it kills me.
  6. I LOVE smart women! Favorite body part is the mind.
  7. I have forgotten more worthless information then I will ever know but cant remember 2 digits or more for more then 15 seconds.
  8. I am a Trekkie but not the costume wearing kind, they creep me out.
  9. The smart-ass hero is ALWAYS my favorite ( i.e. Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Jack Burton)
  10. I used to have long hair and it was pretty mullet but I think a beard is my trademark.
  11. I have recently discovered that there are other people who think like me. They are called SCANNERS (and no not the ones that made your brain blow up)
  12. In high school I took the ASVAB (armed service vocational aptitude) test on a lark at the last minute to just get out of my first 3 hours. Only 1 person in Kansas scored higher then me on the test and she was a friend of mine.
  13. I hate to drive, I hate wearing glasses, I hate my pinched sciatic nerve.
  14. I cannot swim at all and also suffer from slight hydrophobia.
  15. People who do not take themselves seriously always garner my respect.
  16. Anyone who knew me between ages 17 and 25 would not recognize who I am today.(Not physically as I look exactly the same just greyer, but in the way I think.)
  17. I am very open about what I think and who I am, I hold very few cards to my vest. I have noticed though that as I age this is becoming less true though.
  18. I am an excellent marksman (but rusty), I am a natural mimic (but rusty) and a good poker player (Very rusty)
  19. If I did not have children I would be one bad day away from living like a hermit under a bridge.
  20. I am a bit OCD as get overly aggressive and angry when I clean. Also I have ADHD which was passed along to my kids.
  21. Kids love me because I talk to them like they are adults and I am not afraid to be a fool.
  22. When I was in High School I bought a whole buncha steak knives at a garage sale and I kept them in a shoebox under my bed. When I would get bored I would practice throwing them at the posters on my wall. I got pretty good too, at least a 9 out of 10 consistency. When I moved out and the posters came down my dad freaked out at all the little holes covering the walls.
  23. I once climbed into the rafters above the auditorium at the High School with a very attractive girl and we spent the class period making out.

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