Friday, June 28, 2013


  • I believe we are not alone in this vast universe because if you think about it there are roughly over 500 billion stars in our galaxy alone and there are roughly 600 trillion galaxies we can see so the odds are in the favor that somewhere out there is at least 1 planet that can sustain intelligent life but I don’t believe in alien abductions.

  • I believe in ghosts/spiritual residue because I have my own experiences with things that go bump in the night but I don’t believe in demonic possession.

  • I believe that the assassination of JFK was a coup and that Lyndon Johnson was directly involved or at least had a hand in it. Why? Because while I do believe that a lone nutcase can try to make a name for himself there is just too much data that directs otherwise.

  • I believe in evolution but I also believe in creationism. I believe that while God did create the heavens and the earth it doesn’t say how he did it. I believe that while there was a Garden of Eden it wasn’t necessarily on this very planet and the bible also does not describe what was going on outside of the garden.

  • I believe that the Bible started out as the word of God however I also believe that man has poked his grubby paws into it and manipulated/changed it to suit his needs or wants.

  • I believe that while being the President of the united States is a thankless job that I wouldn’t want I also believe that the president isn’t much more than a figurehead nowadays.

  • I believe that there is a force behind the government that tells them how and what to do. Maybe not so much an illuminati per se but a bunch of old rich guys.

  • I believe that there is a lot of information that is kept from the public knowledge for the good of the public. For instance why are we pushing so hard to find a way to live on another planet when we haven’t fully explored this one?

  • I believe that the people that have the big money are repressing advancements to keep them in the big money as long as possible to the determent of society as a whole. For instance: Why are we still using a internal combustion engine in the 21st century? We can put a computer into a pair of eyeglasses but we can’t come up with something better then contained explosions? The technology for better and more efficient has been there, electric cars have been around since 1914, but we still use old outdated tech because there is profit there.

  • I don’t believe in telepathy or telekinesis but I really want to.

  • I have no faith in humankind and loathe the species as a whole but I want to be wrong. I want the stories that you see where someone has stepped up and done something so wonderful and humane for someone else to be the norm and not the exception. I want it to be the every day, the mundane and not so rare and exceptional that it becomes news.

But hey that’s just me.
Maybe I am wrong.

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