Friday, July 5, 2013


Putting the dispute of any theology and the existence of God aside, I have a logical question about the proximity of Heaven and Hell.

Heaven is geared up to be a glorious place of love and eternal happiness. No sadness, no weeping, just joy. Basically from what I remember you will spend all of eternity singing God’s praises and just basking in his holy presence.
Honestly that doesn’t sound too appealing to me.

In contrast, Hell is a foul place of eternal pain and torment. Just all of eternity have your soul ripped, poked and violated in all kinds of ways. No happiness to be had here just sorrow.
Yeah not too appealing either

Now, according to the bible, you can see one from the other. One can look from Heaven into the pits of Hell and visa-versa. For instance, in there is the instance of Abraham and Lazarus and the thirsty rich man, he hollers up to them to get him a drink (Luke 16:19-31).
That’s gotta suck.
But let’s say I am blowing up one small portion of the Bible and no one really knows what it is truly like.
Obviously you must keep some small portion of who you were on earth otherwise there wouldn’t be this religious push to be good and follow God’s commands and whatnot. It would be just a matter of cleaning the person part off the soul like wiping a chalk board and off you go.
So there you are in Heaven looking around and where is everyone?
Where is Grandma and Uncle Bilbo
Where is Jennifer Love Hewitt and my 2nd grade teacher?
You would then know that if they are not there then they are elsewhere.
Now how am I supposed to enjoy my eternal gift in Heaven knowing that my dear old dad is burning in a lake of fire?

Then again, if anyone actually had the answers to this question they wouldn’t need to have as much faith.

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