Sunday, August 7, 2011

Via: Medical Billing And Coding


  1. Being someone that does medical billing and coding, you do basically sit on you ass all day except when you're screaming and jumping up and down talking to an insurance company.

  2. Oh I hear ya. I spend 9 hours a day rooted to a chair with a phone lodged in my skull as I marvel how some people have manged to survive this long in the 21st century.
    Really? You cant figure out why you can connect to the network when you are holding the network cable in your hand? Lets try something crazy here, lets try plugging it in.
    Yes you will have to turn the monitor on to see what is on the screen.
    Is the computer on? no not the monitor the computer...the box that the monitor is plugged that's the there is no modem...oh,I see. No the computer is not called a modem. oh dear God kill me now.


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