Saturday, August 13, 2011

Judas is a carrot

Although Judas double-crossed his best friend for a paltry sum, some scholars argue that Judas is the secret hero of Christianity. The claim is based on a recent translation of The Gospel of Judas, a text written by Jesus’ followers a couple hundred years after his death. In 1978, a farmer discovered the mysterious text in Egypt and sold it to an antiques dealer. Years later, a National Geographic Society team got hold of it. They restored and analyzed the document, and in 2006, they announced that the text painted Judas as a man of valor. According to their interpretation, he was actually Jesus’ most trusted friend, because he agreed to fake a betrayal so that Jesus could die a martyr and then be resurrected.
Soon after the National Geographic Society released its findings, other scholars started picking the interpretation apart. Chief among them was April D. DeConick, a Rice University biblical studies professor, who claimed the team made some critical errors, including translating several passages to mean the exact opposite of what they were intended to communicate. DeConick contends that the Gospel says Judas was a “demon” rather than a “spirit,” as interpreted by National Geographic, and that he was set apart “from the holy generation” rather than “for the holy generation.” With just a few tweaks in translation, Judas has gone right back to playing the bad guy.
I had this same thought all by my lonesome a few months ago as I was driving home from work.
What if Judas wasn’t the big bad that everyone thinks he is.
What IF Jesus went to one of his best buds and asked him to make the grand sacrifice?

“Judas, let me speak with you a second. Alone”
“Sure JayCee! Whats’sup?”
“Listen, So far things are going ok with my ministry and the lot but I really need a big finish here. It’s not going to look right if I grow old and fade into obscurity. Right now the Romans are looking for me so what I need you to do is give me to them.”
What? No way man! I would never do that! I love you.”
“I know, I know but dad says I gotta do things his way. I need you to go find that one guy…you know the snitch guy”
“You mean Jimmy the squirrel”
“Yeah, him. Go find him and tell him you are willing to turn on me and rat me out.”
“Dude. Do you know what you are asking of me? They want your head.”
“I need you to do this for me.” Maybe they can pay you or something for the information?”
He thinks
“Ok Jesus, for you I can but I don’t have to like it.”

This would also explain why he went and hung himself later the same day. Only someone with a hella lotta remorse would do that. The thought of turning over not only his best friend but his Lord and savior was just too much for his little human mind to handle.

Or maybe Judas was just a dick.

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  1. The beauty of christianity is you get to choose how to believe in God. And I believe in the these gospels and know exactly what kind of christian i am.


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