Thursday, February 17, 2011

Space Shuttle

Where were you when the Space Shuttle blew up?
I remember I was in High School.
sophomore I think.
Yes I could look up the date and extrapolate from there but I don’t feel all mathy right now.
I was in classes that were in “The Annex”. The Annex at the school were a small pod of single wide mobile homes that sat in this disused parking lot across the street from the school.
The class was some kind of real world business class but that is really irrelevant.
I was just out of this 3rd hour class and walking back into the building when my best friend in High School came up and said “Did you hear the Space Shuttle exploded?”
I paused with a stupid grin on my face waiting for the punch line.
He stood there, looking at me, waiting for an answer.
We stood there, in the middle of the hall, staring at each other.
(a couple of dumbasses if you ask me)
That was it though.
No joke.
Read an interesting article about this though.
It seems that the Astronauts were more than likely still alive afterward.

From the video footage it may have looked like an explosion in the traditional sense, but there was little in the way of combustion (fire). What occurred was a failure of an O-ring on one of the two solid fuel booster rockets. When launch occurred, escaping gases from the malfunctioning O-ring heated the huge liquid fuel tank on which the shuttle rides during its ascent.
At 72 seconds after liftoff, the lower strut linking the right booster to the external tank broke apart. The booster pivoted around its upper attachment, causing its nose cone to smash into the liquid oxygen tank. Once the liquid fuel tank was ruptured, rapid expansion of the liquid hydrogen and oxygen ripped apart the shuttle, sending the seven crew members to their deaths.
The crew was probably alive, but unconscious, when the virtually intact crew cabin impacted into the Atlantic Ocean several minutes after the catastrophe. [Source]

It had to happen though.
Just a matter of time.
Delicate meatbags sitting on a controlled explosion, trying to break the grip of gravity?
Gravity is a law and you should obey the law..

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  1. I was home with my 6 mo old son, watching TV. Because the launches were routine by that time in FL, it wasn't televised. But immediately following the explosion, a special report came on with the tape. It was horrifying.


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