Thursday, February 10, 2011

Brain and Brain! What is brain?

Stupid brain.
Why is it you can recall the hosts of “Real People” and “That’s Incredible” from the 70’s yet when I got dressed this morning you could not discern between the boys boots and your own?
I had to get all the way to work (30 minute drive) and was out walking to the building thinking my feet had swollen before I realized that I had taken my boots off last night and placed them out of the way. The boots you so readily jumped at were lying in the middle of the room.
NO, you stupid lump of gray matter, just because the look exactly alike is no excuse. Size 10 is a hell of a lot more comfortable then size 7. Do you realize that the feet are now planning a class action lawsuit on you for pain and suffering?
You need to think before you think
I was going to say act but that dos not apply to you.
Shape up or I will stab you with Q-tips.

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