Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Pity Party

This week in Fuck You

Well lets look at our big book of fuckyou and se what was on the charts for this week, shall we?
Feb,feb,… there it is February the twenty-fuckin-oneth!
Sunday – lets just go ahead and mark that one down as “spent the day trying to keep the brain from coming through the skull. Finally gave up and said “fine! You want out so bad? Then just go.” Brain spent the rest of the day sulking and kicking side of cranium.” Stupid brain.
Lets take a look at the rest of the week? Shall we?
Oh! here is one! question: what is worse than a flooded basement?
Answer: A SEWER water flooding the basement.

And lets go ahead and add in some stressers hmmm. I think I will add a pinch of “trying to get a lower mortgage rate” with just a dash of “daughter getting an MRI on her knee”
Oh and just a strong hint of “probably surgery involved” as well. That was before friday, right at the last minute they called and said just torn cartilage.
Still too normal of a week, not quite “me”
Let’s add in a terabyte hard drive fail, to which the wife blames me somehow… just grand!
Not even Thursday yet. What can I do to make Thursday special..
I know!
Wife is now laid off and… as a garnish, lets go ahead and kill off one of her cousins (just 3rd or 4th though, nothing fancy.)
Then today I run by the house after work, grab a deposit slip and dash back out the door.
I can JUST make it to the bank in time.
Well yes and no.
You see this coming dont you.
Yup I crested the hill 3 blocks from home and... stared straight at the cop waiting for me.
I looked at the cop, then the speedometer, then the speed limit sign and back to the speedometer.
I slap the steering wheel in frustration and BEEW-WHUP the pretty lights came on.
He was pretty cool about it though.
I apologized and told him you got me dead to rights. I was just trying to make it to the back in time.
He chuckled and gave me a warning.
First time for everything I guess (and yeah I made it to the bank with 5 minutes to spare.)

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