Thursday, December 30, 2010

Somebody needs a beat down.

I am so pissed off today that I am vibrating.
Every nerve is firing and every tendon is taut.
The scowl on my face is deep and my head is lowered in thought.

Last night my daughter was at Taco bell, just down the street from maybe 2 blocks but not well lit. She was there with her friend talking with her friends that work there.
Its Christmas break and I knew where she was so she was allowed to stay out and about.
Come 1030, Taco Bell is closing up shop for the night.
PHM’s friend’s dad comes and picks her up.
As my girl starts to climb into the vehicle as well, he stops her.
“You can walk home.”
And drives away, leaving my girl in the parking lot.
At 10:30 at night
In the middle of winter.

Luckily her friends at the Bell were cool enough to hang with her until she could get someone to drive her home.
I know why she did not walk home and that is because it was 10:30 at night and the middle of freakin winter!
Now why she did not call home is indeed a mystery.
I think it is because she was smoking in the parking lot and didn’t want to come home with the stink.
She did anyway.
That is a separate issue which shall be addressed.
THAT is my fault entirely.
I take full blame and responsibility for my daughter smoking.
I regret everything about it and around it.
That’s MY cross to bear and I am working on it.
I can rationalize it by saying
“Hey at least I don’t smoke a lot! I can make a pack last 3 days and if I tried harder even longer.”
“I smoke the heaviest when I am tired and with my current issue with fatigue I am smoking more.”
“I don’t need the nicotine it’s the habit that I have the hardest time with”
But none of that changes the facts at all.
Actually that last one is true and a solid issue, but I digress.

The issue that has me hot under the color is this father leaving my daughter stranded when it would have cost him literally 1 maybe 1.5 minutes of his time to drop her off at home.
Luckily I have the day to burn this heat off.
From what I was told my girl called his wife and explained what he did.
She was appalled and said she would take care of it.
I am debating now whether that is good enough for me.
I don’t want to jeopardize my daughter’s friendships but I will not allow anyone in my family to be disrespected and abandoned like that.
I DO know that he is blessed right now not to be in front of me and that I have the whole day to chillax out.

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