Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A person just likes what they like

What is it in us that make stuff interesting to us?
Not very clear there.
I was born and raised in a pretty white bread household.
Nothing spectacular. Middle class across the board.
We moved a lot when I was younger but that’s about it.
Dad worked for the government at air force bases as an inspector on the minute man missile program. So we moved about once a year or year and a ½.
There are “things” though that have always interested me and they were really never “introduced” to me at any given time.
For instance I like:
  • Skulls, demons and Grim Reapers
  • Medieval times (Knights and chivalry)
  • Shakespeare
  • Classical Music (NO one in my family enjoys this even remotely but me)
  • Superhero’s
  • Dungeons and Dragons

Yet at no any given time was I ever sat down and told “watch this” or “listen to this” or “try this”. Each of these had a moment in the mind cooker, as was millions of other things and for some reason or other they took hold and became “likes”

I like Star Trek, but I know where that came from. My mom used to watch it while she ironed the laundry each day and I fell in love from there.
As for Star Wars my father took us in 1976 to the theatre to see it. We were actually reluctant to go! Afterwards he regretted it for the rest of his life, semi-jokingly of course. This was the last time my father EVER went to the theatre.
I can claim Star Wars and specifically Han Solo to be one of the factors in the development of who I am as I was growing up.
However, this does not explain my attraction to knights and skulls and demons and even zombies.

So where do these things come from.
What is it in our brain that says “This I like. This I don’t like.”

Do you think there is some credence to the reincarnation of the soul? Maybe I was squire at one time and some part of me feels that this feels familiar? Is there a limited amount of souls in the universe? There is a philosophy of thought that believes that there are a finite number of souls and that you are continually surrounded by the same souls in each incarnation of your life. That way you are given a better chance to learn what you need to learn to be able to move on to the next plane or the next lesson.
If that’s true I will be the last soul walking on this earth because I am clueless as to what I need to learn.
I know my faults but I am, so far, unable to fix them (at least enough to satisfy myself).

So where do these odd likes (for that matter dislikes as well) come from? Why do certain things click with a person and not with another?
It’s deeper than just a preference there are some things that you are drawn too and just like it.
Just because.

Maybe there is no higher or alternative meaning.
A person just likes what they like and it is nothing more than that.
I don’t think so though.
The initial spark has to come from somewhere or somewhen.

Doesn't it?

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