Sunday, December 19, 2010

Skys the Limit

This is wrong.......

So according to the numbers here (from their website).. Lets say you need some extra emergency cash for Christmas so you think "oh hell! I am tapped and I still have to get the entire in law side of the family done shopping! I know I will go to Western Sky and grab some quick dough there."
You walk in and take out a $1500.00 Loan
You walk out with $1000 - yes they keep $500 off the top.
Then over the next 2 years you make the minimal payments off $166.95 a month
That means after 24 months you have now paid them just over $4000 dollars.not counting the 500 you gave them off the top or any penalties you might occur for being late.
So to recap one day you borrow a grand and 2 years later you have paid back almost $5000.

Do you think the Native Americans are still pissed we took over their country?

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  1. Holy Crap! Pissed? No, they are downright furious.


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