Friday, October 29, 2010


I was recently informed that, like my son, I have ADHD.
Disbelieving such heresy, for I am perfect, I looked back at my childhood.
I was taken aback.
The hyperactivity – check. In fact I was hyper up until about 18 when I started smoking. I guess smoking does have its plus side. Except now I have traded disdain and avoidance due to maniacal behavior for disdain and avoidance due to an icky smell.
The focus – (or lack of) – OK yeah I can see that as well. My 2 best friends, who have also been diagnosed with ADD and ADHD, we used to have conversations that would make the listening parties heads spin. Topic to topic, sentence left having or filled in by each other the 3 of us would carry on about 5 to 7 conversations with each other at a time.
The brain that won’t shut up – BIG check there. That’s where my insomnia comes from is not being able to shut the stupid fucker up at night. Some days it is like a crowded elevator with everyone talking at once, as loud as possible. Other days it is like a superball stuck in a perpetual wall to wall bounce.
Ok so I can see where they are coming from and I did some reading and I can se where THEY are coming from.
First off since my son has it and it is a genetic disposition so I am already 50% in the hole here. So I went online looking for some tests. Now if you have been paying attention you will know why I did not rush of to the doctor to get his learned attention. If you haven’t been paying attention then you have homework to do and there will be a quiz!
And took them, yes them as in plural
And then took others
I think I was looking for a different answer
…later that night after I had taken well over a dozen different tests from a myriad of different places I admitted consent and defeat.
Most had a really close grading scale with 80 and above being “serious adult ADD”
or the equivalent to “Holy Fuck dude! You are a ticking time bomb!”
The one test I didn’t care much for a high grade and I blew the top off of it.
Say hello to Mr.93
On a scale from 1 to 10 I scored an albatross.

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