Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Dog Days are behind us

I am a man torn asunder.
We have in our family right now a small poop beast named Jasper. He is a chuiauhia, a chiwawa
a small Mexican dog. (don’t you hate it when you cant even get close enough for spell check to figure it out? Right now, it’s telling me “hmmm sorry dude I got nothing. There is nothing in my vast dictionary that even comes close to that jumble of letters you threw down. Seriously, is that a 2?”)
  Anyway he came to us last year because a coworker of my mom’s needed to get rid of her best bud as he was being too noisy in her apartment. I verified it was ok with the wife, even leaving the decision up to her and she said “yeah” and “sure”
So the dog moves in and chaos ensues.
A whole year of peeing and pooping on the carpets has the wife in a tizzy (The dog was pooping and peeing not the wife)
The boy started of picking on the dog without mercy. He loved to bully him and carry him around and scare the beejeezers outta him.
The Princess hated him as soon as she was told to cleanup after him.
I just petted the dog and fed the dog and talked to him.

So now days
The wife hates the dog
The dog LOVES me. I am the alpha master.
The princess dislikes the dog
And the Beast calls the dog his “bestest friend”

An opportunity has recently arisen to give the dog back to it’s original owner who misses him a lot. I have even explained that he is not the same dog she had before.
He is a lot meeker, better behaved and doesn’t even bite anymore.
She is ok with that.

So now we vote.

Wife and Princess both vote for the dog to hit the bricks.
My son votes he has to stay or else he really will have no friends (OUCH. Solid blow to the gut on that one)
I am at a point with the dog that I am impartial as to where he goes. I like him but if it means everyone else shutting up I can part with him.
So I leave it up to the wife.
“I have created the opportunity, I have made the connections. Now I will leave the decision up to you. If you want to get rid of the dog then go ahead but if you don’t I don’t want to hear anymore complaints.”

Was that wrong of me?
To drop the whole decision directly on my wife’s shoulders?
I can see how it could be.
I would move mountains to bring a smile to my sons face
However he and his mom have a special bond. He is a mama’s boy (not in a bad way though) just as the Princess is a daddy’s girl.
I figure if someone has to be the bad guy here, it’s better her then me.
Plus I like the dog, I think he is a pretty good dog.
Sure he meows like a cat , snorts like a pig and whines like a bitch.
He is still a pretty decent dog.

This is the 3rd dog we have gone through too.
The first one was Paco who “was too big to be a house dog” (not my quote obviously)
I loved that dog. Strong like bull!
He was a German Sheppard, Chow and Lab mix.
One time he ran around the entire circumference of the yard with my nephew plastered to his chest like a bug on a windshield.
Alas, He jumped through the wooden gate and it slammed shut behind him and he strangled to death. I wept.

Then years later came Sweedy. A little Silky I picked up on the way home from work. She was just trotting down the middle of a busy road heading for the intersection. I scooped her up and brought her home. She was very dirty and very thirsty and very hungry. The wife did not like her because she was pooping in the house, so rather than take her to the shelter my mom adopted her from us. She is so very smart and is just a sweet little rat (the dog not my mom).

Now we say goodbye to Jasper.
I hope he can be happy again back with his old master.
I think I will miss him.
I hope I am not damaging my boy for life in doing this.

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