Saturday, October 23, 2010

More Horror

OK so the school could not find a building for their spook house so they are going to hold it outside in a forest. Not really my forte' but this is what I was able to come up with


Cannibal Joe’s Cabin w/ Trapper Bear – inbred cannibal brothers
Idea: jar of cockroaches reaches in grabs one and eats it offers jar to victims
Really reaches into dish behind the jar and grabs bite sized Baby Ruth
but the angle makes it look real!
Idea : Human flayed skin up on wall, chained up victim missing leg – leg roasting on spit
Idea: Trapper bear comes up behind with traditional chainsaw.

Wolf Pack – eyes light up in the bushes. Sounds and rustles and growls. Surrounded by the pack.
Idea: no actors needed. All electronic. Victims break a beam and that starts the sounds (growls, snarls) then the eyes start to light up in the brush as it gets louder.
A electric motor and some fishing line attached to bushes to make them shake and rustle.

Spider Queen – Giant spider and it’s victims hanging from the trees. Shoe sticking out here, dogs tail sticking out there. Hanging from the trees. Live victim? Look Up! Big spider starts to descend?
Could use crunchiness here as smaller spiders running around the forest floor.

Coven – Witches with giant cauldron with smoke and small children inside pleading for help.

The summoning – Satanists with victim in a pentagram. Chest is open while he is alive and eating his innards.
Idea: shallow divot in ground for actor to lay in and the fake torso/ body laid on top of him that way his head, arm and leg can move and react

Peek-a-boo – (running gag) - a torso and head attached to a motor peeks from behind trees.
Basically “did I just see what I think I saw?” Use faded colors for a ghostly appearance?

Twins – One girl is laying on the ground obviously dead while her “ghost” stands next to her pleading for help.

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