Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Make a babe

I am not someone who regularly pines over the hotness of the Hollywood star machine’s latest “make a babe” concoction. Sure I like Angelina Jolie but I like the image of her.
The idea of her.
The Angie Jolie that is sultry and perfect and sexy hot. That’s the chick I dig.

Wavy lineswavylines wavylines

Awhile back I was watching one of the most kickass TV shows ever “Firefly” (and I don’t use kickass to describe ANYTHING, very often). One the show there were some very beautiful women, as shows normally have. Would Friends have been so popular if the cast looked like Tim Conway and Harvey Korman in drag? I think not.
On one episode a character ended up with a wife (by accident) I remember pausing the screen and just gawking at this actress. She was stunning (and I usually do not like redheads) her body was taught and very well proportioned and to be blunt her rack was…outstanding. To be honest I love boobs (but despise the word boobies, go figure?).
                                      A nice set of tits can really add the right curves for me.

I didn’t notice this actress’s breastages at first but then it was “Holy Shit! Where did those come from!”
I spent the rest of the episode with my eyes glued to her chest.

Ahwell another starlet come and gone and taking the twins with her.

A show called Mad Men comes out (guess I need to watch that) And now who is one of the hottest commodities in tinsel town now?

 Why these very same breasts!

                                  I would like to be King of the world now please and thank you.

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  1. And what a gorgeous pair of breasts they be.... Mmmmmm...... >;->




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