Monday, September 13, 2010


Hundreds of thousands of years of alleged evolution.

Brillant *coff* minds working day and night

Trillions upon trillions of (our) dollars in research

and THIS is the best thing we can come up with to save our life in a crash?

A canvas bag that blows up in your face in a nanosecond.
It's fucking 2010 and we are entrusting our lives to a 3 Stooges sight gag?
What did they say "pass" on?
Was it the custard pie on a spring or the live sea lion trained to balance the flying body on it's nose?
The 21st century was not supposed to be like this, people...we took a wrong turn somewhere or just never bothered to continue on our journey. We have stagnated, stalled and a lost with our ass hanging out.

  We can send our thoughts out as words flying across town, zooming up into outer space, lodge themselves into a hunk of metal, plummet back down to the earth with pin point accuracy to another tower and then be intercepted in flight by a box smaller then a bar of soap just to say "whass up" to the person sitting 2 feet from you on a daily basis and this is considered common place and ordinary.
               yet we still drive the same basic model of transport that was created 240 years ago?
Which consists of huge chunks of metal and glass that burn a fuel to cause an explosion and make the motor go and the wheels turn.
  As for safety we have gone from caution (which never really caught on) to a horn (which people only use when pissed off) to a seatbelt (a strap to hold you down. GENIUS!) to a gargantuan exploding cigar trick.

I want my jet pack!
    I want my flying car!
        I want my matter to energy transportation.
            BEAM ME THE FUCK UP!

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  1. I'm still waiting for "Rosie" to clean my house.


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