Friday, May 21, 2010

Time is an illusion.

Time is an illusion.
It is an abstract concept with no real function in reality.
No I am not high contemplating the universe I am pointing out the obvious fallacies that we lie to ourselves each day.
Let me explain
First off there is a whole buncha physics and such to show that time does not really exist it is not a force of nature like wind or space or whatever.
The marking off of nanoseconds to centuries is a human concept created for the sole purpose of getting shit done.
If your one purpose in life is to just live then you will not care when it noon, what time is the best time to wake up, etc. This is why animals do not wear watches.
You wake up when you are done sleeping
You sleep when you are tied
You eat when you are hungry
Now let’s take a look at the “real world”
24 hours in a day – 7 days in a week, etc.
This is just marking off moments of existence and not accurately either.
Let me use my day as an example:
10 hours dedicated solely to “work”
This includes 8 hour day+ 1 hour lunch+30 minute drive to and 30 minute drive from
7 hours dedicated for “sleep” (yeah like that is going to happen! but let’s just say.)
So that is 17 hours gone rather quickly
Out of 24 hours I should have 7 hours left
7 hours
You would think that 7 hours is a lot of time, wouldn’t you

Up at 6AM(ish) – getting ready for work
6:30-telling kids to getup
6:45am – rolling kids out of bed
7am - shocking kids with cattle prod.
Out the door 7:25am – no later or will be late
Work 8 to 810AM – LATE . Ok I fail in being on time this month.
work work work work work LUNCH work work work work work work
5PMish – off work (sometimes later, rarely if at all earlier)
Home by 5:45ish – tired as hell
push for bedtime 8:30pm
9:15pm nailing children to their bedpost
9:30pm – trying to figure out how to fix bedposts
9:45pm – spiking kids drinks
10PM – drinking the drinks myself
Bed 10:15ish

Now where the hell is my 7 hours?
The devils in the details I guess.

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