Saturday, May 1, 2010

SOCK it 2 me?

You know in every action flick ever made where some sumo-samuri ninja character
jumps in the air and does some aerial ballet and hits the ground

I am here to tell you that shit is real!
Ok maybe not real but stuff like that can happen in the real world.

Went to the Beasts soccer game after a whole mornings worth of garage saleing.
He was playing mid-field and I had “pushed his button” to get him all fired up.

Let me stray for a second. My boy has a very strong and vivid imagination.
I feel it is one of his strengths, The wife does not.
I know that if I tell him to pretend he is the HERO or the Minotaur or whatever
he can see that in his mind and he can invoke that in his spirit.
Wife just gets embarrassed when he roars and beats his chest.

Soccer game
The Beast is running towards a small cluster of kids fighting over the ball
suddenly the ball is kicked free and coming right toward him

this is the moment when the world slowed down to a crawl
Beast leaps high into the air to meet this incoming missile
he stops it in mid air with his left shin and then just BOOTS
it back toward the opposing goal with his right foot.
All in the air.
He then lands and tears off running for the ball.
I still have grass stains on my chin from where it hit the ground.
After that he was on fire! He played the best game he has ever played.
And all with a limp (he has a spur or something hurting his heel)

I am one proud super sumo-samuri ninja daddy!!


  1. And well you should be! How awesome for him to be able to play like that.

    That your son has such and incredible and vivid imagiantion is absolutely a HUGE asset! You need imagination in your life FOREVER!!! With all the toys, TV, video games, outside stimulation, etc. most (almost all!) kids lack any kind of imagination. Be damn proud of your son and of yourself for nurturing it.

    If people didn't have imagination and dreams, we'd still be living in caves. Your wife is wrong!

  2. @nitebyrd : I know i can always count on you, my dear. ahhhhh


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