Monday, May 10, 2010

Job squared

I met a man the other day, walking up the street
He was disheveled and groping about in a most peculiar way
He seemed to strapping something on that I could not see
Muttering to himself he seemed rather pissed off to me.

I had to stop and ask him what would have caused him such ire
He seemed to be happy that I stopped to inquire
"I was an ordinary man once " he started a distant gleam in his eye
"I had it all you see and never stopped to wonder why."

"The good Lord took it upon himself to test me is various ways."
To see if I was shakable in my devout and religious ways."
First he took my parents and burnt them to a crisp
I knew this was Gods will so I prayed for their bliss.

Then he took my kids a blow that hurt the worst
He took my girl and then my boy my second and my first.
I prayed for God's wisdom
for a meaning to his plan
I could not take much more of this
I was but a man

Next I lost my job and wife and my health with one blow
I hated all that was and beat my chest with woe
Why was he doing this I was faithful every day
Why would he treat me such?
I was shocked and in dismay.

Finally it happen I snapped and went insane
I freely admit this I had nothing to gain
I sent the next decade searching for what I need
I plundered old books and my thirst I did feed

I was after vengeance , I knew who would pay
I sold all I had and I still died a bit each day
I kept strength about me through willpower alone
I was going after God He was going to atone

I killed me some angels,
if those creatures can actually die
I even slaughtered demons
For stopping me they all did try.

I used their bodies and their parts
In an old recipe I found

Their wings and horns I did mesh up and
Their bones I did ground

Finally I was done, I had completed my quest
I had the weapons I need and the armor with a crest

cause today's is the day, the day that I will die
I am ready to go now to my battle in the sky

I have strapped on my armor and I am gripping my sword
I am going to kick some ass. I am terminating the Lord."

I backed away from this loon as quickly as I could
I tripped and fell, I stutter stepped
I tried to get away.

He just smiled in my wake and waved a small farewell
Then disappeared in a flash Leaving nothing in his trail.

I don't know what happened on that fateful day
But the universe seems quiet
In a most peculiar way

The birds do not sing, the stars are grey and listless
Each day still arrives and yet seems dull and pointless.

OK I will admit I had a bad case of the weepiness this morning and was feeling rather put upon.
I had an idea for a short story but when I went to write it out for some reason it insisted in coming out in prose.
I ask the muse not why. I just try to get it out before it goes away.
I am putting it up here not because I am proud of it ( to be honest I have not even read it. I just started typing.)
I put it here because it was given birth to as a single thought and each and every post I have created on here deserves a life somewhere.

PLUS: I found this really cool website that you punch in your blog location and it will help you create a real life book of your posts. A very interesting idea, I could create one to give my kids a glimpse into my head for 1 year.

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  1. The emotions in that post definitely are some that I know all too well.


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