Friday, May 28, 2010

The Humane Society

The Humane Society
I couldn’t do that job.
Humans do what they can to themselves and each other.
A human is able to make choices which affect the outcome of their life
A human is able to make conscious decisions to create or destroy their life.
But a dog.
Now that is a noble animal.
A dog will take all the crap you want to give to it and still love you unconditionally.
A dog is an animal that will willingly and happily give it's life in exchange for yours.
What does it ask for in return?
A pat on the head.
A god boy now and then.
Just some of your attention. You don’t even have to mean it either.
All your dog wants to do is please you.
He knows when he has made you mad and he will feel really bad about it too.
When was the last time you had someone react so happily just to see that you made it home ok from work.
Ok granted he acts the same way when you just go out to the mailbox and back
but still, he is pretty damn happy you made it back ok.
My dog Jasper knows I hate it when he craps or pees in the house, that’s why he will make sure he goes into the other room as quietly as possible, when no one is looking. When it is discovered and he is asked about it he will fall over on his side like a statue in a high wind.
And lay there with his belly exposed waiting on my judgment.
Usually I will tell him to cut it out, tell him that was a no-no and then take him outside.
He’s cool with that and understands that’s where he is supposed to go but sometimes either no one is listening to him or it just hits him all of the sudden.
A dog is the best friend ever.
I hate seeing it when they these people who have taken on the responsibility of “Master” decide they just “don’t want to do it anymore.”
They will take the unconditional love and trust from a dog and just throw it away like it doesn’t even matter.
How much confusion must be in that animals mind.
How scared would YOU be?
“We are going for a ride! My Master lets me ride in the front this time and I can taste the wind. I love Master and he is so good to me.”
“Where are we? Well I am with my Master and my Master loves me so I will trust my Master and maybe when we get home my Master will give me a treat. Oh yes! a treat! I will be good for my Master and I will get a treat.”
“Master, I don’t like the way this place smells! Master it smells like fear and bad things here. I smell lots of other dogs Master. Did you bring me to a place for me to make friends? You are sucha good Master. You love me lots to do this for me Master.”
“Ok Master I will go with this man Master because I am a good dog and you said for me to be a good dog so I will be a good dog for you Master.”
“WaitMaster! I would like to go too Master! Are we playing a game Master? I like games but this game is scaring me?”
“Master come back! You have forgotten me! I am over hear can you not hear me barking for you Master?”
"…What did I do?"
“When will Master be back for me?"
“I will be good because Master said for me to be good and so I will be good.”
“I will wait and Master he will come back and he will get me and we will laugh and he will rub my belly and he will throw the round thing and I will catch it and we will be happy”


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  1. You made me cry. I always get more upset by animal cruelty than people cruelty because of all the reasons you just gave.


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