Monday, February 6, 2017

The devil dont want you

I recently read a post on the Facebook, one of those conspiracy people who finds all kinds of evils in the electronic beams coming from the TV and trail let by airplanes. real tinfoil hat kinda stuff.
Anyway they were proclaiming that experiments like the Haldron collider were instigated by Satan himself. Presumably to allow him to lay claim to the planet. 

          Now that dont make much sense, do it? 
  Why would the prince of darkness spend literally centuries corrupting and cultivating this planet until he had the majority of the populace right in the sweet spot, right where he is gaining all the pluses and very few minuses only to have us show up uninvited in his front parlor?
   He doesnt want to wake up one morning wondering what all the ruckuss is about only to find us stomping around his foyer, tromping on his nice oriental rugs , mucking up the place when we are supposed to off in our own neck of the woods do all the sinning and shaking our bums at God. He doesnt get any power if we just go straight to the source. Old Scratch doesnt want to see the end of the world or the ruination of mankind. He wants us right on the cusp continually teetering back and forth. Lucy needs us to keep him in power and the only way he can do that is to keep us sinning.
    I would say it is more to the point that he is behind the cure for AIDS and is working hard to get that whole Cancer thing under our thumb as well.Cancer and all the like. He is also behind taking down the cigarette companies and this whole diet and exercise for your health buggery. 
     You see, He wants us around for as long as possible. The longer we live then the longer we sin and the more we sin the longer he gets to reign.
So I guess the solution would be to live hard, die fast and leave a beautiful corpse.
Yeah thatll show him.


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