Tuesday, January 10, 2017

That movie that one time

There was a movie I vaguely recall seeing. Bare with me here while I try to pry some of the facts outta the dusgusting murk in the corners of my mind warehouse.
There was a guy who was really well offbut a louse, kinda like Sandler in Billy Madison. Something happened with his PA and the company and he now has to take control over the family business that he knows nothing about.
Of course he hires his 2 best friends, his cronies who are the archtype dimbulbs. All they ever did before was follow him around and drink his beer and to provide the moral support he needed for his hair brained schemes.
Soon he realizes that the time is running low to when he needs to be at his dads office to start his new job so he starts grabbing people he knows left and right and sticking them in a job that sounds good
Thelma May Goodpasture teaches the 4th grade so she should make a good executive and Earl1 and Earl2 were able to get that cat outta his fan belt last winter so they can be over his companies technology. Oh and he cant forget Betsy DeVos, she is the local billionare who has always had a thing against public schools so put her kids only in private schooling. She can be his next education secretary. Yeah thatll work.

I cant even recall how this movie ended, just that there were a bunch of those tired tropes and insipid one-liners. Maybe it was a prequel to that Mike Judge filck idiocracy?
Not sure. Gonna bug me till I figure it out.

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